Welcome to The Odd Angry Shot.

We are an equal opportunity Clan.

We started out as a pc Clan playing America's Army, we now play All platforms and genre.

Our membership consists of hardcore players, part-time/casual players and everything in between.

Ages within OAS range from Grandfathers to 5 year old kids, (best sniper ever).

Gender is no barrier, (The 5 year old is a girl who plans to be a sniper when she grows up).

If your green, purple or blue or if you pray to the god of plastic or the god of shoes it makes no difference.
ALL are welcome at The Odd Angry Shot.

Our aim is to leave reality behind and enjoy a few hours of vr with friends and Clan mates.

All we ask is that you respect what rules we do have and leave any real world issues and problems behind, please don't bring them here.

We are here for fun and friendship, not confrontation and anger.