Project Name: Project Pipeline
Date Started: April 10th 2015
Project Description: A remaster of the classic FPS "America's Army 2" map: "Pipeline" - Will be a map to add on to MASTER PROJECT (Unnamed)
Game Genre: First Person Shooter

Name of Project due to change at anytime; without notice.

Project News:
April 10th 2015
- Project started; taking multiple videos and screenshots of Pipeline map

April 17th 2015
- Detailed pictures and videos of map "Pipeline" have been taken
- Base started in UE4

Project Build Dates:
- N/A

Current Non-Clan Testers:
- N/A

Project Media:

- N/A

- N/A

Project Completion Estimate:
- N/A

Project "Fully Working / Tested BETA" Deadline:
- N/A

Project Completion Deadline:
- N/A

Project Donations:
- N/A

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