Not really a Clan Server, but a Clan Twist to Blizzard's famous Starcraft II!

Below is a list of changes to the game we have made so far, and keep your eyes open for an OAS][ Clan Map!

Mod Displayed Version: 1.3
Mod Actual Version: 0.3
Published Count: 3
Mod Release Status: Playable on Battle.NET


  • Workers collect 15 of each resource normal and 25 on Rich Minerals
  • Mineral and Gas higher yield, Rich minerals higher yield
  • Workers don't cost supply << Probe Done
  • Lower Supply on Carrier and Void Ray
  • Lower Cost on Carrier and Void Ray
  • Warp in Workers Instantly << Probe Done
  • Worker Cost Reduced << Probe Done
  • Supply Structure Supply Limit Increase << Pylon Done
  • Mothership Cost Reduced
  • Nexus Cost Reduced
  • Supply on Command Building increased << Nexus Done
  • Reduce price of Fleet Beacon & Stargate
  • Mineral Harvest Time reduced by 50%
  • Arbiter is same hotkey as Void Ray << Fixed
  • Unlimited Motherships
  • Fixed all mineral fields (somne were at 900)
  • Mothership supply cost decreased
  • Colossus Supply and cost decreased
  • Tempest Supply and cost decreased
  • Void Ray renamed to Mobile Poo-Particle Cannon (Soldier's request)
  • Increase unit speed on Void Rays
  • Increase build speed on Carrier and Void Rays
  • Interceptor speed increased
  • Stalker and Zealot Speed, Cost, Time Building changed << Way Overpowered, may need to be tinkered with.
  • Drone cost, supply, build time decreased (two drones spawn instead of 1)
  • Queen cost and supply decreased
  • Zergling cost, supply, build time decreased (four zerglings spawn instead of 2)
  • Spawning Pool cost and build time reduced
  • Mutalisk cost, supply, build time reduced (two Mutalisks per Larva)
  • Ultralisk cost, supply, build time decreased
  • Hatchery, Lair, Hive, cost decreased
  • Infestation pit cost reduced
  • Ultralisk Den cost reduced
  • Kerrigan - Void spawns with Ultralisk
  • Nexus now spawns SCV and Drone along with Probe
  • You can now drop resources off at Pylons
  • Artanis - Void spawns with Sentry
  • Raynor - Marine spawns with Medic (Ground Medic)

More to come!
Stay tuned!

- [O]dd [A]ngry [S]hot Management