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Thread: Quick question please.

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    Question Quick question please.

    I am an old America's Army player, from way back and really hoping someone can help me. Played tons of games prior to the release of 2.o and a couple after it's release. I used to team up with Chevy and Dodge an awful lot and play a lot of Coop at times. Does anyone know if Chevy Place and/or Dodge are still around and if you can still play those older versions of the game any longer? I appreciate your assistance.

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    Unfortunately we haven't heard anything out of Chevy's Place, not sure why it went down but we know the owner was hosting it at his house (I believe) so hopefully it'll come back.

    As far as playing, we still play on occasion but not as often as we would like, unfortunately most of the clan disbanded after the game shut down.
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